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This week in Year 5, we kicked off with writing up our first neat star write of the term – a great historical retelling of a gory Viking raid! Well, all writing should be neat of course! But we had been building up to this piece of writing for a couple of weeks so it was great to see all the sensational story writing produced. We then spent the rest of the week focussing on reading strategies; practising reading a great range of texts and applying our retrieval and inference skills.

In Maths, we are becoming rounding warriors! Huge improvements with everyone with their place value work, and some really stretching themselves to complete everything with the challenges at the end – such great work everyone!

In Art this week, we used watercolour to make our Christmas cards, which turned out looking lovely.

Thank you to everyone who is doing their spelling shed and times tables rock stars at home – we are seeing great differences in engagement with spelling in particular – keep it up! And thanks to those bringing in the awesome dip and do homework pieces, some really creative stuff coming in, check out what is in store for next week!