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What did you enjoy most about baking your apple pies?

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Well Year 5 had an exhilarating time planning and preparing their apple pies to bake. They were peeling, chopping, mixing stewing, crimping and latticing to name but a few incredible baking terms! The pies turned out marvellously well, with some of the flavour combinations genuinely being quite delicious indeed. Some highlights were strawberry and cinnamon, pineapple and pear as well as banana and chocolate!

In Geography, the children created their own assessment for learning end of unit project; some made posters, some wrote stories form the perspective of a water droplet and some created news documentaries and youtube videos - the idea was to demonstrate as much as they could remember from the Rivers geography unit, but to do it in any sort of creative way they chose.

In Maths, we finished a unit on volume of 3d shapes, and used multi link cubes to explore the difference between shape and space. 

This week was also of course the grand finale of the Easter production, so we must say a huge congratulations to all of the Year 5 children for putting in such immense hard work into what ended up being such an emotional production for parents, carers and for the rest of the school too. A special mention too must go to all the understudies who stepped in at quite literally the last hour to take the places of those children who couldn't make the Thursday evening performance. From all of the Year 5 team, we wish you a safe and restful Easter break