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What unique or interesting additions might you use to improve your apple pie recipe?

Year 5 have been busy showing off what they know in their SPAG and Reading booklets this week, and well done to all of them for their hard work on these. As well as this, and more importantly - we have been tasting apple pies! We were analysing the various tastes and textures of a variety of different off the shelf supermarket pies to conduct our own market research. This deliciously fun session will serve to inspire ideas for how we will eventually be planning our own tweaked recipes when we bake our own apple pies.

In Maths, we have been multiplying fractions, and specifically we have been looking at partitioning the whole numbers and multiplying them first, and also converting fractions to improper then multiplying as usual.

In English, we have been continuing with researching and writing up our notes on the great rivers on the world, which is our English and Geography writing topic.

In PSHE, we discussed the various different gestation periods of different animals and were extremely surprised to find out that the gestation period of a hamster is a mere 16 days!