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Where do Sikhs worship?

This week we have been learning about perfect present tense in English.  We have learnt how to change a verb into the past tense, and add either has or have before the past tense verb, to write sentences in the perfect present tense.  We have also recapped using conjunctions and adverbs of manners so that we can use these skills in our Star Write next week.

In Maths we have continued working on adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers and have begun looking at how we exchange numbers to solve problems.  We will be continuing to work on this next week to refine the skill. 

In RE we learnt that Sikhs pray in a Gurdwara, and we looked at the different features of one.  We now know some key features, such as they have four doors to welcome everyone and the Manji Sahib, which is a raised platform.

In History we looked at the development of tools from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and how they were made and used.  In Science, we looked at how fossils are formed and discovered how it takes thousands of years for them to form.

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