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Year 3/4 news 03.02.23

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This week, we have continued to learn about the human body both in Science and PSHE. In PSHE, we looked at different food groups, their purpose/function in our diet and how to create a healthy, balanced diet. We designed our own healthy lunches and ensured that we had included all the food groups. In English, Year 3 have written non-chronological reports this week in English about Howard Carter and the significance of his discovery. Year 4 have started a new book called, 'My Shadow is Purple' and we have written a new blurb for the story. In Maths, both year groups have moved on to our measurement unit. Year 3 have been learning how to measure length and Year 4 have been using this knowledge to find the perimeter of different shapes. In Computing, we have been creating dialogues on Scratch using different coding blocks.


How can we make sure we have a healthy diet?