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Year 3/4 news 27.01.23

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This week, we have been continuing to learn about role models in RE and have looked at how and why Christians see Jesus as the most important role model of all. In PSHE, we learnt about hazards and how to spot these. We also found out how best to respond in emergency situations if we are not able to spot the hazards in time. For our Science topic about the human body, we learnt about how muscles in the arm contract to help us move using elastic bands in our demonstrations. In Art, we created our own version of papyrus paper by placing strips on top of each other and at right angles. We can now decorate our paper with Egyptian symbols to create realistic versions of Ancient Egyptian art. Year 4 have been writing biographies about the author of Sulwe and have collected our own facts and organised them into paragraphs. For Maths, we have been applying our understanding of the formal written method for multiplication to worded problems. 


How can we spot potential hazards and how should we respond?