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9.12.22 Year 3/4 news

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This week in PSHE, we have been looking at what makes each of us unique and have learnt about how these things make us special. We have experimented with different types of magnets to determine whether they can have different strengths and why this may or may not be useful. In DT, we have been working on using nets to build our castles. We have looked at how to make our structures stronger and more stable. In our year groups, we all took part in personal bests week and worked hard to improve on our targets. Both Year 3 and 4 have been applying our knowledge of multiplication and division in order to solve worded problems. In English, Year 4 have continued to read the story of Ocean meets Sky, created our own islands similar to those in the story and used expanded noun phrases to describe them. In Year 3, we looked at retelling a section of The Lost Thing using descriptive phrases, prepositions and conjunctions.

What makes you unique?