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Year 3 and 4 news 30.09.22

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This week, we have been continuing our learning of the Stone Age and have branched out to find out more about the Bronze and Iron Age. We learnt about how they used these metals to create tools and other objects that helped them to change their day-to-day lives. We have also drawn comparisons between our own lives and those of the people living in these time periods. In Science, we carried out an investigation to find out the properties of rocks. We looked at the density, permeability and durability of a variety of rock types. In RE, we have continued to learn about all 10 gurus and have also thought about the 11th guru which is the holy writing. In English, Year 3 have been reading the book Ug the Stone Age boy genius and are preparing to write a letter next week. In Year 4, we have been reading a non-fiction text all about Stonehenge and have made our own predictions about what we think it was used for. In Year 3 maths, we have used a range of methods to solve addition and subtraction calculations. In Year 4, we have continued to learn about rounding and will be moving onto addition and subtraction next week.