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Year 3 and 4 news 23.09.22

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This week, we have been very active! We have been doing gymnastics, skipping, hopscotch and exploring different ways to travel. Some of us even went to a skipping festival this week. In Music, Year 3 have learnt how to play their first song on the ukulele while Year 4 have been playing glockenspiels. In DT, we have been learning to strength and stiffen materials so that we can build our own Stone Age homes this half-term. In Computing, we decomposed our own codes to help us understand them better in order to eventually create our own games. Year 3 have written a set of instructions for washing a woolly mammoth in their English lessons. Year 4 have been writing letters to Ug to explain all the amazing inventions that have been created since his time. Both Year groups are continuing with place value and Year 3 are focusing on ordering and comparing numbers whereas Year 4 are learning to round.