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16.09.22 News

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This week, we have learnt so much about the Stone Age through our History lessons and our WOW day! We hunted and gathered our own food, did some cave painting and made clay pots. We have also continued to learn about rocks and soils in our Science lessons and found out how the main three types of rocks were formed as well as looking at different examples. In RE. we have continued to learn about the life of Guru Nanak and his importance in Sikhism. Year 4 have been reading the story 'UG, Stone Age boy genius' and have been drawing comparisons between his life and ours. Year 3 have been thinking about how to improve our writing using different types of adverbs and conjunctions. We have also thought about how dictionaries and thesauri are used to help us improve our writing. In Maths, both year groups have been working on putting numbers accurately on a number line. Year 3 have been working towards 1000 whereas Year 4 have been working to 10,000.