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Year 3/4 news 27.05.22

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This week, we have been very creative and have built our rockets to help Moon Man escape Earth! We used a range of materials and made circuits that we could use to light up our finished product. Once we had finished, we evaluated them and discussed what we would change if we could do it again and all the new skills we had learned. In English, we created our own sequel to the Moon Man story, describing his next adventure! In Year 3 Maths, we have been converting analogue to digital time and calculating durations of times. Please could you continue to practice this at home to help children with their confidence and fluency? In Year 4 Maths, we have been learning about bar graphs and pictograms. We have been interpreting the data to help us answer a range of questions. For our PSHE, we have been learning about helpful habits and looked at the things we do regularly and how these help our lives or how we could change our current habits.