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Year 3/4 news 18.03.22

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This week was Science week and we talked about all the different types of scientist such as palaeontologists and astronomers. We looked at one particular scientist Jane Goodall and learned all about her work and how this has helped us to understand much more about animal behaviours. We created our own presentations to show what we had learned with some of us creating posters and others choosing to talk about her. In English, we wrote our own 'Just so' stories where we created a reason for an animal to have its distinctive features. We used fronted adverbials, old-fashioned language and magic in our stories. In PSHE, we have continued to study the lives of children in other countries and tried to think about how we would feel if we were in their situation and to justify our opinions. While learning about habitats, we have looked at the different types of plants and animals that live in a variety of regions all over the world. We are continuing to learn about Christianity in RE and all about the holy trinity.