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Year 3/4 news 4/3/22

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This week in Literacy we have been reading a variety of 'Just so' stories that try to explain why animals have developed their distinctive features. We have read about how the camel got its hump and how the turtle got its shell. We are working towards creating our own 'Just so' story in the next few weeks. We have looked at the language and the structure of them to help us with our own. In PSHE, we have been learning about children's lives from other countries and have been comparing them to find similarities and differences. We focused on countries in Africa to continue our African adventure topic and also as part of this, we have been learning about the different habitats and animals that we would find there. In Science, we have learned about classifying animals and how scientists group them by different characteristics and features. We created our own Carroll diagram to sort animals by criteria that we set. Our new Computing project is to create a website. We will be using Google Sites to do this and have been gathering the information that we will need to make our websites. For our DT project, we have begun to design our zoo enclosures and have drawn a few possibilities that we can choose from for our final design.