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Year 3/4 news 11/2/22

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This week, we have been learning about mental health as it is children's mental health week. This also included learning all about inclusion and how/why it is important to help everyone feel part of our community. We have been learning about lots of different countries in Africa and creating posters and Google slides to show what we have learned. We also looked at Mali and combined RE and Geography by looking at the mosques that are built there and created our own mini replicas out of clay. In English, we have been looking at the story of The Lion King and we have created our own shadow puppets to help us retell parts of the story, focusing on the emotions of each of the characters. For our Art project, we have been learning about 2 African artists Gakonga and Edward Tingatinga and have been using their artistic styles to inspire our own printing blocks that we will print with onto fabric. In Computing, we have been focusing on Internet safety as this Thursday was 'Safer Internet Day' and have also been continuing our project on creating a piece of music on Soundtrap.