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Why should you visit my Safari Lodge?

This week, we have learned all about Chinese New Year and all the different customs and traditions. Did you know that Chinese New Year actually lasts 15 days, not just 1? We watched some footage of the lantern festival that marks the end of the new year celebrations. In Geography, we have looked closely at another African country and learned about the physical and human features of that particular country to help us understand what it would be like to live there. We continued to investigate sound in Science by using our knowledge of materials to help us dampen the sound from an iPad. In our Computing lessons, we used sounds to create beats and different rhythms using a variety of percussion sounds. In English, we have completed a star write using persuasive language and ambitious vocabulary that is trying to convince our reader to visit our safari lodges. We also included a paragraph about the excursions and exciting activities that you can do whilst on safari in Africa.