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Would you like to be a Safari Guide in Zambia?

This week, we have continued to learn about Africa through our English and our Geography lessons. We have looked in detail at some countries within Africa such as Morocco and Kenya and have learned about the human and physical features that you find in these places. We have also begun our next piece of writing about a safari lodge that we designed on Monday. We thought carefully about the facilities and the experiences that our lodge would offer and now we are working on expanding our vocabulary to help us persuade people to visit! We had an amazing visit from Jo who is a safari guide in Zambia and she told us all about what it takes to become a safari guide. She knew so much about the African animals and taught us lots about how to identify animals from their tracks, how to look after them and how to tell how they are feeling. In Science, we have looked at how sound changes as it travels over a distance and we experimented with this by making our own string and cup telephones. For our Computing project, we are going to be making our own songs. This week, we looked at lots of examples of catchy songs and used some of the pre-made loops in Soundtrap to help us start to create our own. In RE, we learned about the Qu'ran and its significance to Muslims. We looked at how it teaches people important lessons and we created our own guidance to help us remember to be good people.