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Year 3/4 news 21/1/22

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This week, we have continued to learn more about the Masai tribe and how they live. We wrote our own non-chronological reports about them and included interesting facts about their homes, cows and their clothing. In Year 3 Maths, we have learned about money including the value of each coin and note and how to add and subtract different amounts. In Year 4 Maths, we have been learning about perimeter and how to find the lengths of rectilinear shapes. During our PSHE lessons, we have discussed trust and how to build and repair it with our friends and family. We have thoroughly enjoyed the start of our Computing project and we explored all the different features on Soundtrap. We also connected Science, Music and Computing this week as we were learning about the range of pitches and how these are made then used our knowledge practically. In Geography, we explored the country of Morocco including human and physical features. We created some excellent fact files in our books to show all the new information we have learned.