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Year 3 and 4 News Story

Are robot teachers better than humans? 

We have had a very exciting week in Year 3 and 4 this week. In English we have been writing a balanced argument about whether teachers should be replaced by Robots. Most of us decided that teachers are better than robots for many reasons, including the fact that robots can't laugh at all our bad jokes. This was a really great thing to be discussing because for the past few weeks one member of our year group has been able to join our lessons through their own robot called Astro. In Maths we have been continuing with our multiplication and division and learning more about how they are connected to each other.In RE we thought about how the different characters from the Christmas story would have felt. In Art we recreated our Pop Art volcanoes using collage, and we built spaghetti buildings to see the effects of Earthquakes on buildings and communities in Geography. We have learned so much, as well as having lots of fun.