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Year 3/4 News

What have you enjoyed learning about the most this half-term?

This week, we have continued writing about Julius Zebra and have participated in a debate, written diary entries and made predictions about the next part of the story. In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting using formal column method and Year 4 have begun to use this to check our work using the inverse too. We have also explored different representations of calculations and numbers for example, part whole models, base 10 and bar models. In our last topic lesson, we looked at the influence the Romans have had on our lives and the impact of the inventions they created. We discovered on reflection that we have learnt so much about life in Celtic and Roman Britain and the invasion! In RE, we have finished by looking at the last of the 5 pillars, Hajj, and discussed special journeys that we have made and how these relate to the Hajj pilgrimage. In our Science lessons, we completed our experiment investigating which liquids damaged our tooth enamel the most. We found out that vinegar was the most harmful to our tooth enamel as it completely dissolved the eggshell causing it to behave like a rubber ball! We hope you all have a wonderful half-term and a well deserved break.