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Year 3 News

On this page you will find all the News from Years 3.

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  • Year 3: What happened to the pencil when it went in a glass of water?

    Published 28/02/24

    This week we have enjoyed seeing how water plays tricks with the light when we put pencils in a glass! We also started to plan out our instructional videos for Computing - the ideas so far are brilliant and us teachers are excited to learn many new things from the children!

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  • Year 3: What did you enjoy most about our orchestra trip?

    Published 23/02/24
    This week we had an exciting opportunity to go to St Andrews Church in Cheam.  We got to listen to a string quartet and learn about the instruments used.  Everyone really enjoyed the experiences.  We learnt about how the size of the in
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  • Year 3: What did you enjoy most about Egyptian Day?

    Published 09/02/24

    Year 3 loved their Egyptian Day and looked amazing in their costumes.  Mr Egypt took us on a journey  fromm 3000BC to 31BC.  We looked at where Egypt was, looked at different tombs in Egypt and participated in an Egyptian dance.  In the afternoon we were able to hold different artefacts and 'mummified' our friends!

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  • Year 3: What can we learn from artefacts from Ancient Egypt about Tutankhamun and other Pharaohs?

    Published 01/02/24

    This week the children all really enjoyed researching artefacts from ancient Egypt.  We looked at their uses and what we can learn about Egyptian society from them.  We looked at the pyramids, Egyptian art on papyrus paper, jewellery, Canopic jars and sarcophaguses.  We discussed how they were made and their purposes.

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  • Year 3: What is a non-chronological report?

    Published 25/01/24
    This week we have been learning all about non-chronological reports and have used them to learn about Ancient Egypt.  We have learnt about Tutankhamun and why he was a famous pharaoh.  We also looked at Howard Carter and his discoveries.
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  • Year 3: What was mummification and why was it important to the Ancient Egyptians?

    Published 19/01/24

    This week Year 3 have particularly enjoyed learning about the mummification process in Ancient Egypt.  We looked at why the Egyptians believed that it was important to preserve bodies and how they did it.  We learnt that the whole process would take around 70 days.  Afterwards, we acted out the process in groups.

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  • Year 3: Who were the Ancient Egyptians and what roles did they have in society?

    Published 11/01/24
    It has been lovely to see the children back after Christmas and we hope that everyone had a well deserved rest over the holidays.  The children have come back keen to learn and get back into their routines which has been great to see. This we
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  • Year 3: What have you enjoyed learning about this term?

    Published 21/12/23
    The children have worked really hard this half term and we have been proud of how much progress they have made. They particularly enjoyed our DT day on Monday they were able to create nets to make their structures.  We had some very interes
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  • Year 3: What are the similarities and differences in Matthew and Luke's accounts of the Christmas Story?

    Published 14/12/23
    This week the children have loved learning about life in Sweden.  They used the VR headsets to explore what the architecture is like and how people live there.  We researched Christmas traditions in Sweden and compared the similarities and
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  • Year 3: What similarities and differences are there between Christmas celebrations in Italy and in Spain?

    Published 07/12/23
    This week the children have had a fantastic day learning all about Italy.  We have looked at what foods are popular there, which foods are exported and even made our own pizzas!  We looked at Italian traditions and carnivals, such as the Ca
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  • Year 3: What did you enjoy most about our Spain day?

    Published 30/11/23
    On Wednesday, the children all enjoyed participating in our 'Spain Day'.  The children all looked fantastic in their Spanish clothes and enjoyed learning a flamenco dance.  We used the Class VR headset to see what life is like
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  • Year 3: What is the climate like in Spain, Italy and Sweden?

    Published 24/11/23
    The children have all worked incredibly hard this week during booklet week and have shown great resilience.  It has been great to see the progress that they are making and see their strengths.  They have also worked really hard finishing th
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