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Year 2: What is a day in the life of a Chinese student like and how does this compare to your school day?

This week in our Geography lesson, we compared our school day to the school day of a typical Chinese school. Although there were lots of similarities, the children were intrigued to hear about the differences. For example, the average school day for a Chinese student is longer, and most are expected to complete an hour of homework every day. Their play times are structured, with children completing coordinated exercises, instead of being able to run around and choose their own activity. We also wanted to know more about the Chinese language, as children are expected to learn thousands of characters in order to read and write.

We then acted out some of the activities that a Chinese student may have to complete, such as singing the national anthem at the start of the day. As per usual, the children were curious and had lots of questions for us throughout the lesson. We love to see their minds at work - keep it up Year 2!