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Year 2: What happened on Monday?

This week, the children had an exciting encounter with some dragon eggs. We were called into the hall by Mrs. Bell, who had asked us for our help. We then found some large, shiny eggs in a nest in the middle of the hall! We knew we had to investigate further, so went around the school exploring to see if we could see the dragon itself, or any other eggs. We couldn't see anything, other than some suspiciously knocked down fences, equipment in the wrong place, and holes in the grass. We went back to our classrooms to talk about what to do next, such as making sure the eggs went somewhere safe and warm, ready for the dragon when it returns. 

We then spent the rest of the week recording what we had discovered, and making sure our writing was as detailed as possible. We made sure to write things in time order, used contractions (such as didn’t and couldn’t), and used words with suffixes (-ful, -less, -ment and -ness).