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What activity would you create for future Sports Days?

We have had a wonderful time in school this week. The children have been working very hard in English on their Paperbag Princess writing, and have retold the story in a very detailed way, using lots of interesting vocabulary - well done Year 2. In Maths we have been applying our knowledge of 2,5 and 10 in order to divide, and looked at what to do with a remainder. In Computing, we reflected on what we had learned about emails and reviewed how to make sure we are safe when opening one. In Art, the children created their 3D tile based on their design from last week. They applied all of their skills to ensure it stuck together. Unfortunately our Sports Day was rained off, but the children have had lots of fun working on their Talent Show auditions for next week, and some of the children spent the time making their own plans for new Sports Day activities for the future.