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What are the effects of exercise on the human body?

Another week of SATs down - this week the children completed their Arithmetic and again, have showed us a lot of resilience, patience and care towards their work. In English, we have started to look at the format and language used in a newspaper report, so that we can write our own version next week. In Maths, we have spent time revisiting our mental maths strategies, four operations problems, and fractions, in order to help us with our Arithmetic booklet. We have also looked at how to interpret different types of tables, like tally charts. In Art, we have created some wonderful collages depicting the Great Fire of London, and the children thought very carefully about how to use their paper to create different layers and textures. In History, we discussed the work of Sir Christopher Wren, and how his architecture impacted what London looked like after the Great Fire of London. In Science, we investigated what the effects of exercise are on the human body. Another short but busy week - well done Year 2.