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What are the stages of a human life cycle?


This week in English, we have written some wonderful descriptions about the Great Fire of London, using Sammy the Street Dog as a text to give us ideas. The children wrote about ‘huge, bright red flames’, ‘raging fires’ and ‘swirling, thick, black smoke’. In History, we looked in more detail about London's buildings in 1666, and talked about what had changed to them after they were rebuilt. In Maths, the children have been doing lots of practice in telling the time, and have described analogue time up to intervals of 5s, to count around the clock. We have also been describing positions and directions of movement. In Science this week, we investigated how humans change as they grow into adults, looking at the different key stages. In Art, the children have begun to look at how textures can be made with different painting tools. In PSHE, we looked at family roles and how different members of a family might care for one another. In Computing we have used Scratch Jr on the iPads to program a sprite, seeing all the different ways we can make it interact.