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What happened during the Great Fire of London?

This week in English, we have looked at Sammy the Street Dog as a text to develop the children’s understanding of the Great Fire of London. The children have been practising writing different types of descriptive sentences, which will help them in creating a setting description next week. We also looked at the event in more detail through our History, and the children were able to create a timeline of the event. In Maths, we have been looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, and looked at how to sort them based on their different properties. In Science this week, we investigated how animals change as they grow into adults. The children drew a life cycle of either a butterfly or a duck, to help them describe these physical changes. In Art, the children impressed us with their knowledge of primary and secondary colours, and they were successfully able to mix these colours to make the secondary colours. In R.E. we have begun our topic on Islam, as we talked about what Muslims believe about Allah. In PSHE, we looked at the important people in our lives, and the children listened very well as they described to each other who those different people were. We have also spent some Computing time on the iPads this week, using Scratch Jr, which will help the children as we begin our project on making a storybook next week.