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What shall we do about the dragon at our school?!

This week we had lots of visitors to the school! We started with an assembly from a poet, Matt Windle, who taught us some top tips for writing and performing poems, as well as some beatboxing tips. Not long after we had gone back to class, we got an unexpected phone call from Mrs Bell, who asked us for help. When investigating the hall, we found not one... not two... but three dragon eggs! We went and checked the CCTV and found that a dragon had been spotted around the school. The children spent the rest of the week in English writing up all about the exciting event, and next week we will be exploring how to catch/ tame this dragon. 
In Maths, we finished our unit on measure by exploring centimetres and metres - for example, looking around the classroom to find what we might use centimetres or metres for when measuring them. In Science, we discussed what made our plant growing successful or unsuccessful, and how to tell if a plant is healthy or unhealthy. In Computing, we practised different ways of inserting pictures into our Google Slides all about China. In Geography, we compared the human features of China and the UK, looking at some famous buildings like Buckingham Palace and the Imperial Palace/ Forbidden City. 
To end the week, we tested and evaluated some flavour combinations for our healthy wraps, and have chosen our 3 key ingredients we will be using to make them next week.