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What are the important events of Holy Week?

This week have been so resilient and have worked very hard, especially around all the changes there has been this week. In Maths, we finished looking at measurements of weight and volume, and the children are ready to move onto measurements of length. In English, we have been reviewing our reading skills, so when asking a child about their book, please ask them to ‘skim and scan’ for a key word, or ask them to think about why a character might have acted in that way. Hopefully they will be able to explain their ideas using evidence from the book they’re reading.

In our afternoon lessons, the children have looked at the events of Holy Week in RE, in order to prepare us for Easter. In PSHE, we have talked about how they might change as they get older, and what the important parts of growing up are. Some of the children even drew pictures of themselves in the future, showing what jobs they might have as an adult. In Science the children drew out the life cycle of a bean plant, to show how plants grow.