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What has been your favourite toy fact that you’ve learned this half term?

This week has flown by! As you will probably be aware, we had an inspector from Ofsted who came in to school on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Year 2 children were amazing, helpful and polite throughout the week, and particularly when they were being observed in lessons, asked to read, or asked questions about their learning. We are so proud of them, and we thank you for everything you have helped us with.

They made some fantastic bug hotels on Monday for Science, and we are looking forward to checking in on them when we are back after our break, to see if any minibeasts have moved in. They also were able to apply all their knowledge and skills into their structures, and Baby Bear was very happy with the selection of chairs the children made. Ending the week with our Toy Museum was a particular highlight – the children have really spent time researching their toys, and we thank all the parents who have helped them find some really special toys and facts.

We hope you enjoy the half term, and we are looking forward to having you all back in a week’s time.