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How did you make sure your chairs were strong and sturdy?

This week the children have been doing lots of designing and making. In Science, we planned our what our bug hotels will look like, ahead of next week’s making. In DT, the children designed and used their junk materials to construct a chair for Baby Bear to replace the one Goldilocks broke!

As well as this, the children have worked hard to finish up their persuasive letters to Mayor Wibble Wobble, and have moved on to reviewing some core reading skills. The children impressed us with their inferences, and showed they could explain their thoughts on a text by finding and using evidence.

In Maths, the children have shown their understanding of halves and quarters, and have been able to explain where they might see and use fractions in the world around them. They could apply their division skills, sharing numbers by 2 or 4, in order to find a half or a quarter.

We spent Friday afternoon looking at computer images, and explored how we can edit them in different ways, as well as learning that images are made from pixels.