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What makes a good picture?

This week we have been writing a letter to Mayor Wibble Wobble in our English lessons. The children have used emotive language to persuade the mayor to fix the broken bridge in Toyland. The children came up with some very convincing ideas, so hopefully the bridge will be fixed in no time!

In Maths, we have moved on from multiplication and division and are now using those facts to help us identify what a fraction is, and specifically what a half is. The children were able to come up with interesting ways of showing us a half.

In our History lesson this week, we continued to compare past toys to the present. In Science, the children were able to explore food chains, and what an animal/ plant’s role might be within that food chain.  In RE, we talked about a Humanist’s beliefs, and we created a list of importance – the children gave very thoughtful reasons as to which of the Humanist beliefs may be more important than others and listened very well to the opinions of others. In PSHE this week, we have talked about understanding and celebrating differences. In Computing, the children took pictures of their toys and used the StopMotion app on the iPads to put it into a sequence.