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Can you remember what happened in our story, The Old Toy Room?

Summarise the events in as much detail as you can!

This week we have been reading a new story, The Old Toy Room. The children have been finding and using lots of new vocabulary and have practised using it in their writing. We have also looked at the characters’ feelings and used emotive vocabulary to describe them. In Maths, we have been applying our multiplication facts into division problems, to help the children understand the relationship between the two. In History, we explored the materials of different toys, comparing past to present. In Science, we investigated micro-habitats, and the children could tell us lots about minibeasts and why they live where they live. In DT, we tested the strength of structures with different shapes. The children had to create their own cylindrical shape and explored how much weight it could hold. In RE, we looked at how Humanists might help their community, and in PSHE we talked about how we can show that we are respecting each other’s rights.