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How many songs are there in our Nativity? Can you remember the names?

This week has included lots of Nativity practising, and the children are very excited to perform to the school this week (Friday 9th Dec) and to all the parents next week (12th and 13th December). They cannot stop singing the songs and speaking their lines, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as they seem to be.

In English, we have looked at some different stories about penguins, to compare similarities and differences between texts. In Maths, we have continued with money by looking at how to find change from different coins and notes. We have compared different values of money, and found many ways to make equal amounts using different coins and notes.

Finally, the children enjoyed their ‘Discover Christmas’ workshop. They watched a short version of the Nativity, which hopefully helped inspire them for their own version. They then spent some time with the performers in their classrooms, exploring the meaning behind the Wise Men’s gifts, singing songs and exploring the emotions of people like Mary during the story.