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Year 1 News

Here you will find all the latest news about our learning in Year 1.

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  • What part of the trip did you enjoy the most?

    Published 08/07/22

    The children have had a very busy week. They had a great time on Tuesday at Nonsuch park and were very sensible on the walk there and back as well as when we were in the park. Thank you to everyone who helped us with the trip. 

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  • How is Holi celebrated?

    Published 01/07/22

    The children have had a busy week and have been working really hard. 

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  • What is a wild plant?

    Published 23/06/22

    The children have had an enjoyable week at school and have been busy enjoying their topic 'Enchanted Woodlands.'

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  • How can we find key places on a map?

    Published 17/06/22

    The children have had a great week and coped well with the hot weather. Please remember to send the children to school with a sun hat, sun cream and a water bottle. 

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  • How does the mouse scare the creatures in the Gruffalo?

    Published 10/06/22

    The children have a great first week back and settled well.

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  • What have you enjoyed about our topic 'Bright Lights Big City?

    Published 27/05/22

    The children have had a great half-term and worked really hard. We hope they have a lovely break and come back ready for their last half-term in Year 1.

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  • What time adverbs can you remember?

    Published 20/05/22

    The children have had lots of fun this week and enjoyed the lovely weather. The children have had lots of fun this week and enjoyed the lovely weather

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  • How do we know which object is the heaviest?

    Published 12/05/22

    The children have had a busy week and worked really hard.

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  • Where does Paddington come from?

    Published 05/05/22

    The children really enjoyed the workshop on Hinduism and learnt lots of useful facts. The children have looked at different artefacts and written describing sentences about them.

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  • What are the main parts of a castle?

    Published 01/04/22

    The children have had a very busy half-term, and we hope they have a well deserved rest. 

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  • What events have happened at Windsor Castle?

    Published 25/03/22

    The children have enjoyed lots of outside learning this week. 

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  • Who is Tu Youyou?

    Published 18/03/22

    The children have had another busy week and this week completed their maths booklets. 

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