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Don't Eat the Teacher!

Week beginning 13 September 2021

This week Reception have been enjoying listening to the story of Sammy the Shark's first day at school in 'Don't Eat the Teacher' by Nick Ward. Sammy learns about the way he and his friends should play and learn together at school. This has given us the opportunity to talk about how we all play and learn at school and what some important rules should be so that we show respect to each other and become friends and learning buddies. Most importantly, that we do not, unlike Sammy, eat our teachers! 

Reading a book about a shark led us to look closely at other sea creatures, seaweed and objects we might find in and around the sea. The children have had the opportunity to experience touching and exploring the texture and smell of real fish and seaweed, sand, pebbles and shells. This has generated much discussion about what they were finding out as well as sharing their own experiences of being at the seaside.