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I want to win!

What was your favourite event on sports day, and why?

This week we have read the story of the Little Princess in I Want to Win by Tony Ross. The Little Princess wants to win at everything because she is always allowed to but, in the end, she finds out that trying hard to win is much better than being allowed to.  With Sports Day in mind, we have been practising a variety of sport events in our outside area this week - sprinting, egg and spoon races and sack races to name a few.  The children were well prepared.  In maths, we continue to consolidate the concepts we have learnt this year and the children have been making up their own games using the maths resources. The children looked at photos from their farm trip to Bocketts Farm Park and all wrote something about the visit as well as making memory maps - their pictorial recollection of what was at the farm to help them remember it in future years.