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I Don't want to Play Nicely

What makes you a good friend?

This week we read the book 'I Don't Want to Play Nicely' by Sue Graves. It is a story about a small child who needs to learn to play nicely with their classmates. By the end, everyone is playing nicely, and they enjoy the benefits of being a kind and good friend. It has got us all thinking about what being a good friend is and how we should play nicely with our classmates. We have talked about the qualities that make a good friend. We have drawn portraits of our friends, which are being displayed in the classrooms. To celebrate our friendships we are going to have a Friendship party. It will be next week, so we have written to Mrs Bell to ask her if we can have some special supplies for the party, such as doughnuts, party rings and crisps and perhaps some balloons and bubbles? We will have to see what she says. In maths we have been building patterns and using shapes to creates pictures.