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The Angel and the Dove

How many ways can you make 10?

This week the children in Reception have been starting to learn about Easter. We read the story of the Angel and the Dove by Sophie Piper. After a very sad day, a nesting Dove and an Angel rejoice in the miracles of spring and new life. The story gently touches on the events of the first Easter with a heartwarming message about new life which celebrates the Resurrection. The children used their phonic sounds to find spring related objects in and Eye Spy Collection; for example, 'I can see a rabbit.'  We have made Easter Gardens and planted cress in them, which will hopefully be growing when they are taken home, next week. In maths we are continuing to review what we have learned this year, which has involved lots of addition and number bond activities using lots of fun resources such as hoops and beanbags, colourful beads and Numicon tiles.