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Whatever Next

Can you find any 3D shapes at home?

This week we have been reading the book Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. Baby Bear finds a rocket, packs a picnic and goes to the moon. We discussed what we would like to take to the moon and, using our phonic sounds, we wrote a list of things we would take. We decided we would like to all go to the moon, but how would we do that? Can we breathe on the moon? What would we have to wear? We watched astronauts on the International Space Station, who ate and floated around because there is no gravity. Can we float around like that? Why not?

In Maths we compared 3D shapes - what can roll or slide and why? For instance, a cylinder can roll because it has a curved surface. A cube cannot roll, but it can slide, because it has flat faces. Test this with objects at home.  We built rockets with our 3D blocks and worked out which shapes are better for building. We printed pictures with 3D blocks to see what 2D shapes are on their faces. 

The snow was great fun and a lot of shovelling was done and snow balls made before it quickly disappeared.