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What kind of animals live in the Arctic? And how do they keep themselves warm?

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This week in Reception, we have started learning all about the Arctic, and the types of animals which reside in this habitat. There was a fantastic Arctic animal treasure hunt in the playground where the children had to find all the animals, match their number and write the name – quite challenging stuff! In Maths, we are discussing language around length, distance and height, furthest, shortest, tallest, longest etc. Try to practise using this language in your every day activities at home. In Phonics, we have been revising and consolidating lots of different digraphs like ‘oa’, ‘er’, ‘or’, ‘ar’, ‘air’, ‘ure’. Please look at the phonics homework sheet which has gone home with children today and spend some time reading it together as well as reading their phonics books – it all helps when it comes to early reading, and we want all our children to be super readers as soon as possible!