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What is a part part whole model?

What is a part-part-whole?

This week in Reception, we have started looking at part-part-wholes in Maths. We have been taking a number within 10, like 8, and trying to show it as a part-part-whole. For example, 2 is a part and 6 is a part, then the whole is 8! Or, 7 is a part, and 1 is a part, then the whole is 8!

In Phonics, we have been looking at digraphs that contain two of the same letter e.g. gg. We have been looking for these phonemes in words like ‘bigger’ ‘digger’ ‘carrot’ ‘ribbon’. See if you can come up with a list like this with your children over the weekend.

For our topic learning we have been learning all about Winter. We looked at how our environment has changed over the weeks. We saw ice in the playground and had a lot of fun playing with it. We talked about how ice is made and what we think it is made out of. We also saw frosty spider webs and how the trees no longer have any leaves on them. The days have got colder, so we spoke about how we can stay warm and what kind of clothing we need to wear in winter. The children made sure they had their coats, gloves and hats on. We have been making threaded snowflakes with beads to develop our fine motor skills. We have also been learning how to use scissors to make snowflakes out of tissue paper. Using our phonic sounds we have been annotating our drawings. In Maths, we have been learning all about making pairs and adding two groups together to find the total.

It has been quite a wet week this week. Can we please remind all parents who have borrowed school clothes to wash and return them to school? We need all the spare clothes we have, and there must be lots at many peoples homes, so please look around and ensure they are washed and returned!