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Who is your favourite superhero and why?

This week Reception children have been busy trying to find out what happened to the superheroes who disappeared from their classrooms, when they were taken by the Evil Pea. They have been building traps, writing letters to other superheroes - asking for help - and making binoculars to aid the search!  We have been reading many of the fabulous Supertato books, written by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.  Supertato always manages to outwit Evil Pea, sometimes alone and other times with the help of the other Super Veggies. In the first book, Evil Pea comes towards Supertato with a potato masher but, luckily, Supertato avoids being mashed. We took this theme and tried to mash some potatoes. This was not an easy task!  The children worked out that the potatoes were not cooked, so they were hard. The next day, we mashed some cooked potatoes - that was much easier. This provoked talk about what happens to potatoes when they are cooked and how they change.  In maths, we learnt to recognise the numbers 4 and 5. We also looked at the smaller numbers inside 4 and 5.  We continued to learn new sounds in phonics and we are also building a bank of 'tricky words' - words that do not follow the decoding rules. This week some baddies were holding our tricky words, so the children used water pistols to shoot the baddies down - but only if they could say that tricky word! When will those baddies give up?