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Lights all around

Can you explain how to stay safe when you are watching fireworks?

This week we have been exploring the wonderful fireworks that have been filling the sky. We used lots of different materials to paint, spin and build our own fireworks.  We also learned about how families prepare for Diwali and we made our own Diva lamps.  The rain offered many opportunities for splashing, transporting and cooking in the mud kitchen, as well as showing independence when changing into dry clothes! 

In maths, we have been learning about Circles - how to draw the circumference of a circle in the air - and Triangles - with three straight sides and three angles. The children looked at paintings by Fiona Rae and Wassily Kandinsky, featuring circles and triangles, before attempting their own artworks using printing and straws to create them.

The teachers hid some CVC objects in a jar full of rice. We had to find them and, using our phonics knowledge, write them down. We found, a bat, a pig, a duck, a hen and a man! We are learning to use the sound we have learned this term.

On Friday we spent the morning making poppies to add to our school display for Rememberance. We were silent for two minutes, while we thought about the brave people who give up so much to keep us safe. We watched the CBeebies animation, 'Poppies', which shows how scary it is to be around fighting.

Another action packed week of learning and fun.