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The Colour Monster

Which Colour Monster do you feel like today and why?

This week the children in Reception have been thinking about how they are feeling. We have read the book, the Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. The Monster's feelings are all in a muddle, so his friend helps him to see all the different feelings inside himself. We talked about what the different colours mean and how we feel when we are happy, sad, angry or even scared! The children cut up their own puppets and retold the story with each other. In Maths we were sorting things into groups, compared amounts to see if we had more or fewer blocks and made simple repeating patterns using linking cubes.  We have also been using our new phonics sounds to write the first letter in words. The table was full of objects, such as a hat, a cup and a pan. We found the first sound and wrote in down. The children are constantly amazing us with how much they are showing us that they have learnt!