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An Active Week!

Can you teach your family any Zumba moves?

This week the children have been exploring different maths activities using numbers, monsters, stones, linking chains and multilink blocks. They have been making numbers to 5. Some children have been making rockets using lollipop sticks and triangular paper.

Outside the children have been really engaged in using large brushes and brooms to paint and clean the tarmac. On Thursday, they began to paint the shed. We will see how it looks later in the year! So far only one colour. They have become adept at building and adapting the obstacle course and it has been lovely to see children challenging themselves to walk across planks and balance on large tyres. Many children have used our construction area and, this week, many bricks were transported to the shed to build an extension!

Both classes have started learning some Zumba moves, which they have thoroughly enjoyed and we have talked about how the dancing and moving keeps us fit and can help us to concentrate.