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Shipwreck in Stormy Seas

What do you think is happening in the picture and why?

This week, the Reception Children have been using the National Gallery annual project, Take One Picture, to inspire their learning and creativity. This year the picture is Shipwreck in Stormy Seas by Joseph Vernet, painted in 1772. The children listened to a soundscape before seeing the picture. They heard crashing waves, heavy rain, a bell, seagulls and much more. From this, they worked out where the action was taking place and what might be happening and displayed some very impressive vocabulary. Some children even suggesting that this might be the work of pirates! Going with the theme of pirates at sea, they have made their own pirate hats, treasure chests, parrots and treasure bracelets. It is wonderful to see how far the children have come when they are making things. They are so independent and can design, draw and craft their own items with real confidence! We are continuing to revise the mathematical concepts learnt this year with our Maths Meeting and the children write an independent sentence each morning, from a prompt picture displayed when they arrive. We cannot let this week go by without mentioning the spectacular water fight, enjoyed by all, on Wednesday afternoon. Much ducking and diving to avoid getting squirted, and some cheating - mainly by the teachers.  The children got thoroughly soaked and enjoyed every minute! Congratulations to all our Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Super Readers and our Micro Duke participants, who were all celebrated this week. We are coming to the end of another amazing year in Reception and the children continue to impress and amaze us!