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Farmer Duck

What was your favourite part of our trip to Bocketts Farm and why?

This week Reception have had a really exciting time! We have been on a visit to Bocketts Farm AND taken part in Sports Day! We started the week by reading Farmer Duck, written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. It is a story of a wayward farmer who makes the Duck do all the work by himself. The other farm animals team up to help the duck out. On Tuesday, we all visited Bocketts Farm in Fetcham. We were shown around my Farmer Alfie and Farmer Harvey who took us on a trailer ride, and to visit and experience stroking many animals. After lunch, we cheered on the pigs as they raced around a track, and we had a bit of time left to play with our friends in the playground before getting back on the coaches to come home. We wrote some lovely sentences about our favourite animals at the farm and have made animal masks using paper plates. On Thursday, we practised many of the sports we would need for Sports Day before really making a grand effort as we competed on Friday, when we sprinted, threw beanbags, jumped in sacks and navigated obstacles. We all deserve a good rest this weekend!