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We Completely Must Go to London

What is your favourite London landmark, and why?

This week the children in Reception have joined Charlie and Lola and their friends, Marv and Lotta on a trip around London. They marvel at the sights they see. Lola tries to guess which bedroom is the Queen's at Buckingham Palace, and they have an adventure with the dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum. Our children have been enthralled by the different landmarks they have seen - many of them telling us about their own trips to London. The children have built large scale models of Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Nelson's Column and many other places of interest. They have constructed their own London Buses from boxes and produced some fabulous pencil drawings of their favourite landmarks. In Maths we have been learning to subtract one number from another by making a number of playdough balls and then smashing the ones we are taking away. How Many are left? They have had great fun, making the balls and then smashing them! We have started rehearsing for our Jubilee celebrations, which we are all very excited about!