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Looking after our teeth

Why do we have to brush our teeth twice a day?

This week Reception have been learning about oral hygiene and the best way to look after our teeth. We read the story The Berenstain Bears visit the Dentist by Stan Berenstain. The children have loved cleaning and flossing imitation teeth and using a timer to make sure they cleaned the teeth for the recommended 2 minutes. They all agreed that was a long time. We have been finding out what happens when we go to the dentist and some of our children visited the real dentist this week and told us everything about it. One of the parents came into school to talk about her job as a hygienist and about why looking after our teeth is a very important thing to do and how we can do it well. We have also found out what foods are good and not good for our teeth. Home learning this week is to use what we have learnt to sort foods that are healthy or unhealthy for our teeth. The children have been excited to find out about the tooth fairy and they have all been very keen to use their phonic knowledge to write letters to the tooth fairy telling her just how good they are cleaning their teeth.

In maths this week we have been finding out how to halve and share a number. We have done this by sharing cookies between teddies. We found out that when we halve and share we have to make sure that each group is equal, that it is fair and each group has the same. We also discovered that when we halve we only share between 2.