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The Angel and the Dove

What can you remember about the Easter Story?

Reception have been immersed in the Easter Story this week. On Monday we heard the first part of the story as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey while people lined the streets and waved palm leaves. We all made palm leaves and waved them to the tune of Hosanna in the Highest as we paraded from class to class. On Tuesday we heard about and then re-enacted the last supper using biscuits and orange squash. The teachers then washed the children's feet, as Jesus did for the disciples. Those who participated really enjoyed the feel of the warm soapy water and enjoyed having their teachers wash and dry their feet. In the afternoon, Reception was joined by their Year 6 Big Friends who came to help the Little Friends decorate Easter Hats. On Wednesday we heard the last part of the story when we read The Angel and the Dove. The children were captivated by the story and asked some really thoughtful questions about what they saw happening in the illustrations. They made Easter gardens and decorated crosses to remember the crucifixion and that Jesus rose again. We sang songs that Christians sing to celebrate that Jesus has risen. As the week drew to a close, we had a visit from the Easter Bunny, who brought everyone a chocolate egg.  We also took part in the school's Easter Hat parade in front of the whole school and exhibited our wonderful spring themed hats. After our Easter Egg hunt on Friday, we are all looking forward to a lovely Easter break and to coming back, refreshed and ready to learn in the Summer Term. Happy Holidays everyone!